I love using my creativity and skill to help shape peoples' ideas and see my work being used. As a graphic designer, I learn more with every project I take on and client I work with. I am excited to use my passion to bring your vision to life!
Hi! My name is Anya, a freelance graphic designer and photographer based in Antigua. I do (and i love) digital and print design, editorial design, logo and brand development, web design and offer design services to business of all sizes.
Most recently I’ve been working within the real estate industry designing ads, promotional materials and merchandise, related to Citizenship by Investment Programs of the Caribbean.
I handle both the creative side and your account, so messages don’t get lost through the chain of command. I have a solid understanding of your business needs and aspirations.
As a self employed, I love my job and most of my free time I spend designing, taking pictures, editing and spending my time out with nature.
 If you have any ideas, projects or opportunities you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.
Email: islandragonfly (at) gmail.com